Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Webpage

Hi everyone, we have a new Department webpage!  Vicki put it together with help from me, Patricia Marino, and Chris Eliasmith.  We are hoping to add more info to our front page and new banner images related to courses and research areas during our next site update, some time soon.  We’ll let you know here when that happens.


Welcome to Engaging Philosophy!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Engaging Philosophy: News at Waterloo, the news blog of the The University of Waterloo Philosophy Department!

As you can see on our About page, on this blog we will post news of all kinds related to the department, including events, activities of our faculty and students, items of interest from our administrative staff, and updates from our alumni and friends.

For now, I will function as the administrator of the blog, which means everyone sends news to me and I post it here.  If you have something related to the department or an alumni/friend update to share, we’d love to hear from you!  Send an email to mePatricia Marino, with the relevant details.

We expect to post about once a week.  To follow this blog by email, you can use the box in the upper right hand corner.