Wednesday March 13, 2013

sunset on campus

Campus photo by Vicki Brett.

Hi everyone,

Last Friday, March 8, was the Second Annual Science and Technology in Society Day, timed to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Women and Physics_2013

Women and Physics 2013 conference participants

Organizer Carla Fehr says, “this was a truly stellar event, featuring one of the foremost scientists in the world. One might be forgiven for describing Adriana Ocampo—NASA’s Program Executive for the Science Mission Directorate, and lead scientist for US, European and Japanese exploration projects on Venus—as a great woman scientist, but such a qualifier is entirely beside the point. And that was sort of the point of the event. Women and Physics: Past, Present, and Future, held at Perimeter Institute, brought together students and faculty from University of Waterloo and Laurier University to discuss the role of women in science, how that role has changed through history, and where the future will take it.” Check out the full description of the event at our Department website.

Heather presentation

Heather presenting “Science, Values, and Democracy.”

On Wednesday, March 6, Heather Douglas gave a presentation in our series of faculty lunchtime-research-in-progress talks.  Her topic was “Science, Values, and Democracy.”  Heather says, “I attempted to describe the value of science to democratic societies, the reasons why democratization of science might be needed, and social mechanisms to achieve such democratizition.  Clearly this was too much to discuss in one talk, but a lovely discussion ensued.”

First-year PhD student Sara Weaver has had a paper accepted for presentation at The Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS) conference in June.  Sara says, “I will be presenting my paper ‘Two Approaches to the Integration of Feminism with Evolutionary Theory.’ I’ve been wanting to go to this conference for a couple years now, so I’m glad I finally went out on a limb and sent an abstract in.”  Also, recent alum and current instructor Rachel McKinnon has just had a paper accepted in Metaphilosophy on the metaphysics of luck, and how luck ought to impact our normative evaluations of actions.  The title is “Getting Luck Properly Under Control.”   Nice work, Sara and Rachel!

Last Wednesday I presented my paper “Sexual Use, Sexual Autonomy, and Adaptive Preferences” to the Southwestern Ontario Feminism Reading Group, which met at Brock University.  This paper is a follow up to some previous work I had done on sexual objectification, and will hopefully form part of a book I’ll write on this subject.  There was an excellent discussion and I’m most grateful to the participants.

Recent new faculty publications:

Tim Kenyon’s paper, “The Informational Richness of Testimonial Contexts,” has  appeared in The Philosophical Quarterly 63.250: 58-80.

As always, you can see more news and check out upcoming events at our Department website.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant week,

Patricia Marino


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