Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Not everyone likes these guys, but I do.
Photo by Vicki Brett.

Hi everyone, welcome to gosling season.

First, a bit of graduate student news:  our own Rosalind Abdool was interviewed for the May 2013 issue of the newsletter Medical Ethics Advisor. Rosalind says, “I discuss the ethical concerns raised with medical schools searching for information about students from social media as part of the admission process for both medical students and residents. I further discuss the responsibilities of applicants and encourages caution be used when participating in various social media forums.”  Check it out.

Exciting news from Shannon Dea — her paper, “A Harm Reduction Approach to Abortion,” was selected as the best paper by a tenured prof on the CPA program!  Shannon says, “this means that I’ll get to present the paper at a plenary session just preceding the Founders Lecture on June 3. It worth noting that this is brand new research for me, and that I probably wouldn’t have written the paper (yet) if it hadn’t been for the inspiration and impetus provided by Doreen Fraser’s lunchtime works-in-progress series in the department.”  Congratulations, Shannon!


Angie Murie (Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region, and one of Shannon’s nominators) together with Shannon Dea and Tim Kenyon at Shannon’s award ceremony.

Shannon also recently received the received the Province of Ontario’s Leading Women Leading Building Communities award, “For her exceptional community leadership to improve the lives of women and girls in Ontario.”  Dave DeVidi writes, “the award was presented May 10 by Catherine Fife, the local Member of Provincial Parliament, who managed to include a number of entirely apt adjectives to describe Shannon in her speech: principled, courageous, tireless, and, perhaps most impressive, fierce.  Shannon’s list of activities and accomplishments in advancing equity, on campus and in the broader community is long and impressive. She has a public profile because she is willing to stand up and publicly take on issues that many back away from. With all the highly visible things Shannon does, it is remarkable but true that most of her work is done quietly behind the scenes, whether it’s providing strategic advice to colleagues, student groups and university administrators, organizing events, quietly lobbying, or doing huge amounts of work on charitable boards of directors.  Selfless is an adjective I would add to Fife’s list.  Shannon’s the very model of an academic whose philosophical beliefs are put into practice.  Engaging philosophy indeed. Well done Shannon.”


PGSA lunch with Debbie Dietrich

Rosalind also writes with a PGSA update:  the Philosophy Graduate Students’ Association was extremely pleased to take Debbie Dietrich, the philosophy department’s Graduate Coordinator, out for lunch last Tuesday to the Grad House as only a very small token of appreciation for all the incredible support and assistance Debbie constantly provides to the graduate students. Many of the graduate students attended the lunch to show their gratitude for all the wonderful things that Debbie does. Unfortunately, our other extremely fabulous colleague, Vicki Brett, was unable to attend the lunch, but we would also like to thank Vicki for all of her ongoing support and hard work in the department. Thanks Debbie and Vicki!

We’ll have several people from the Department giving talks at the upcoming CPA June 2 to June 5 — I won’t be there myself, but I’ll be sure to get a full report from our attendees.  Here you can check out the program and other info.

Don’t forget, as always, you can see more news and check out upcoming events at our Department website.

Hope everyone is enjoying May,

— Patricia Marino


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